Kathi (Fossillad) Joseph) and two sons
Kathi (Fossillady) husband, Joseph and Two Sons

The very first fossil I ever collected was given to me by my late husband, Joseph. It turned out to be a Calymene, celebra trilobite shown below. The next thing I knew, his friend donated an entire collection for me to share with my classroom. I was enchanted by the fossils and wanted to learn as much about them as I could. I even created posters and drawings of what they may have looked like as living creatures, which are included in my blog. My students were super intrigued when I presented them and I’ve been hooked ever since.

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Calymene, clelebra trilobite fossil
Calymene, celebra Trilobite Fossil
Calymene, celebra trilobite rendition
Calymene, celebra Trilobite Rendering Drawing

Upper Middle-Grade Prehistoric Fiction Novel, Coming out 2024 
Under the Sea Time Forgot Novel

Through the story plot and dialogue of, Under the Sea Time Forgot, discover Earth’s mysteries from an amazing time period, the Devonian. The likable, laughable main characters survive a lifetime of undersea explorations, and sometimes life threatening encounters, by sticking together. 

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