Classroom Demos

Explore “Category List of Fossil Facts” on the sidebar or at the bottom of the page if using a smartphone.

Here are a few examples of my fossils accompanied by life-like Illustrations

 Dufrenoy Ammonite

Lepidodendron Fern Tree


Calamite  “Earth’s First Plant Like Tree”

Petoskey Stone  “Hexagonaria Coral”

Feather Duster Tube Worms

SERVING SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN:  Inspire Students with a Mobile Museum of  Paleozoic Fossils


Exploration of Paleozoic Fossil Collection

Timescale Poster

Reading and Writing Elements

Colorful Renderings of Ancient Animals and Plants

Young Paleontologists Fossil Search (fill-in-the-blank questionnaire using posters, labels, drawings, fossils, and or blog)

Imprinting of Fossils with Clay Activity

Place Card Match Up Competition

Book Presentation 

“Under the Sea Time Forgot” coming out 2023 geared toward upper middle-grades.  Through the story plot and dialogue, the Paleozoic time period comes alive. The likable, laughable and brave main characters survive a lifetime of explorations and sometimes life threatening undersea encounters by sticking together.

bk cover_edited-1

book pictureb

Classroom Adjustments

Depending on preferences, need fifteen minutes for set up and table tops for activity centers and fossil displays; counter space is a plus

Times and Pricing

Price negotiable; presentations require approximately an hour and a half, more or less depending on preferences.  Most appropriate for 3rd-8th grades.

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